Harmful Nature

Client Lightfarm | Photographer Mark Carter

‘Harmful Nature’ is the new promo video from Lightfarm. Conceptually the image represents the dark and tragic tale of impossible love between the Diver and the Mermaid.

Over the course of one month, countless hours were spent modeling every detail, from the coral sea bed to the shipwreck and the mermaids tail. The latest 3D technology in cloth simulation was used for the divers suit while the model was photographed underwater to give total authenticity to her look and allow for seamless integration with all of the CG elements.

From the initial idea, to the pre production of the shoot, to the 3D modeling, to the post production of the final image, we blended all of our knowledge and years of experience in these areas to produce a piece that is as real as it is dark, all the time pushing our limits as artists.