The Lightfarm Brazil attended the Comic-Con Experience 2015 promoting the first “Wacom Fight”. The Combat had 9 3D artists in 3 daily ZBrush battles for the prize of a 3D printing.

It was epic. It was the Comic Con.

Pixel Show 2015

2 years ago

Milton Menezes and Rafael Vallaperde, both directors of Lightfarm Brazil, lectured in Pixel Show 2015 to about 3,000 people!

The whole team was present at the lecture that told a little about the pros and cons of working in the Brazilian market, made step-by-step of the work and the unpublished making off of the Porta dos Fundos.

Adobe Max 2015

2 years ago

Milton Menezes and Rafael Vallaperde were speakers at the most incredible creativity convention in the world!

In addition to the lecture, Milton also led two laboratories.  That was a good opportunity for students and professionals know a little about the process of post-production at Lightfarm Brazil.

The Best of 2014

3 years ago

Lightfarm Studios has won the first award in Brazil with the best image of 2014.

With the Mistubishi Pajero TR4 campaign, we have won the Grand Prix of Image technique at the awards Best Rio 10 made by CCRJ.

The advertising festival organized by the Creative Club of Rio de Janeiro, selects every year the best pieces created by the agencies and studios.

We are very greatful and we thank all who have been part of this achievement.


The Lightfarm Brazil participated in the largest Adobe event in Latin America: the Photoshop Conference 2015 held in Campinas, São Paulo.

The event is a unique opportunity for those wishing to learn new techniques, exchange experiences and know the advertising market. Milton Menezes and Rafael Vallaperde lectured for over an hour, showing the process of creation, thought behind Photoshop and the new works of Lightfarm Brasil.

At the end of the presentation, our directors also talked to the participants of the event answering questions, and received praise from the Adobe Production Manager, Joel Baer – “I would love to attend this lecture in English. It seemed so exciting in Portuguese I’d love to understand it all! This is definitely the kind of presentation that would be perfect for the MAX. ”

For those unaware, is the largest Adobe MAX conference in the world and will take place from 3:07 October in Los Angeles – USA. Will we see a bit of Lightfarm Brazil there? We can´t wait!


3 years ago

1 year of Lightfarm Brazil, 10 hours party, more than 1,000 guests, 4 DJS, VJ, band, photo shoot, best costume awards and a lot to celebrate. That was the recipe of the most epic party in Rio! And there’s more coming next year. Check the pictures at our Facebook page.

Lightfarm & Vivo

3 years ago

Lightfarm Brazil along with the Africa Agency developed one of the largest campaigns ever made by Lightfarm Studios: Vivo 4G. With more than ten images including the tennis player Rafael Nadal among the models, the campaign will also include more images for the launch of 4G in the country. Vivo is one of the biggest telephonic companies in Brazil.

Lightfarm & Archive

3 years ago

Review the times that Lightfarm Studios featured Lürzer’s Archive magazine. Besides the cover of October 2014, the studio has illustrated the back cover of the magazine several times.


In just six short months in Brazil, Lightfarm Studios Rio, in collaboration with Africa Agency, has scored it’s first ever internationally coveted, front cover of Lürzer’s Archive. A historic achievement for the country, which in the 30 year history of the magazine, has only previously happened 8 times!


Lightfarm Brasil presents our 2014 book with a selection of the best jobs and artwork from the studio. If your agency hasn’t received this gift yet, give us a shout and we will schedule a visit or send some copies.

Harmful Nature 100K

3 years ago

We are happy to announce that our latest promo video just have hit the 100.000 views mark on Vimeo after 1 month after launch. Thanks for all the art blogs and magazines always giving us support and good vibes. Cheers!

The new boys in town!

3 years ago

Five months after the inauguration, we are happy to announce the new employees here at Lightfarm Brazil: Rafael Moco and Rafael Coppola for the CGI team (Yes! Along with Rafael Vallaperde, our CGI Director, the 3 CGI artists we got have the same name). Thiago Almeida, the Paladin, the joins the post-production and video team.


We are glad to announce our Facebook page focused on the brazilian market and south america. We will be providing the best art content on the web to our followers on the daily basis.